About US

We support Sushi chefs in finding jobs, and restaurants that are looking to hire Sushi Chefs

Who We Are

Currently, our service is mainly for the United States, but we are looking to expand this service to other countries. The Sushi industry has been blooming in the recent years and has become internationally known and enjoyed. Even though Sushi has been very popular for the past 20 years, it is still very challenging to find professional Sushi Chefs. We have been part of the Sushi industry in the United States for over 40 years. This service is meant to support restaurant owners and Sushi chefs equally. We are not only hoping to fill the needs for jobs and staff members, but to grow the Sushi and Japanese food industry. Japanese cuisine has a deep relationship with nature. It is our wish for people to be healthy and connected with mother earth. Japanese cuisine uses natural seasonal products and simple cooking techniques.

 It is always focused on serving a beautiful and elegant presentation for the commensal to enjoy. We want to share Japanese cuisine, our heritage, with the world. It is our mission to introduce great Sushi Chefs to respectable restaurant owners and managers, so they can find the perfect fit for their needs. We are glad to provide this platform as a support for reliable contact to happen.

Our listings are always updating. Make sure to visit our website regularly. Sushi and Japanese food are perfect for a long-lasting and healthy lifestyle. We hope that our agency can bring this to your community.